Rev Ellen Price


Our Sunday gathering is at 10.45am Green Lane Derby DE1 1RT



Why are we here

We are all committed to our local community believing that God made the world beautiful, each grass blade, each animal, each person. God entrusted this beautiful perfection to us people to take care of. As a church family we believe that a loving relationship with this creator God is offered to everyone. Jesus, God’s Son, modelled this ‘with God’ life and died transforming all the pain of all people of all time, returning to life to show that our greatest enemy death has been beaten. The mystery of God’s Spirit as an inner force to help us take care of God’s world is a gift to everyone who accepts the mystery.


Each Sunday drinks are served from 10.15 and our service begins at about 10.45

The Den on Sundays at 6.30-8pm is where 12-18 year olds gather for games, chat, reflecting on life and God

Connect groups each Thursday meet in homes around the city, share lives together, read the bible and pray for each other